22 January 2012

30 Months Without Posting

Many, many...mmaaaany months without posting....to be precise 30 months. Wow? 30 months!? It has been THAT long?

In the mean time I got married, rented an apartment with my wife, we got pregnant, I did lots and lots of My Big Big Friend storyboards at 2Dlab, My studio Won it's first grant to develop a Tv Show togheter with Copa Animation Studio and I supervised the animation of a bunch of episodes of the Yellow Woodpecker Ranch for 2DLab, Mixer and Globo. Now I'm buying my first apartment and developing a new series on my spare time (almost none as you may guess). Next step - My Big Big Feature...

Gonna make some update on the site, and probably gonna start to write in Portuguese too... See you in the next post.


Felipe Thiroux said...

Vai ser papai, cara? Meus parabéns!!!

Diego Stoliar said...

Valeu :)