30 July 2009


This weekend I gonna be for the first time at #19 Cine Ceara Festival, in Fortaleza, to be part of a seminar board about "Animation publishing and education in Brazil". The table is part of an event called "Animation as a Transformation Tool" at the International Seminar of Animation Cinema! I hope it will be FUN!

Check out the spot:

I suppose they called me manly because of 2 websites that I manage with the help of some wonderful brazilian animators that have enough vision to help themselves, by helping our national animation field to grow. Thank you guys!

One of the sites is called SeAnima - Student Animation Society. This one tries to put in portuguese all the info possible about animation production, tecnique, development, new technologies, Open Source etc...

The other site is called Animapedia - An Animation Enciclopedia. This one is an atempt to begin a brazilian way of talking "Animationese". Brazil is a fast growing animation market and our history was marked with self-education and small animation teams. That segregation creates some comunication problems for bigger teams today. This also makes preatty hard to have good brazillian-portuguese translations of animation books. Therefore, animapedia tries to get animators opinions about how could we translate the tecniques and what each tecnique really means.

I still wish to create a site about Brazillian Animation in english, but time had been short nowadays. Maybe next year.
The hardest part actually is to find people that writes about animation in english (although I have some people interested already).

29 July 2009

I Wanna be a Tv Show!

Hey, How about that! Melanie Pal from Little Airplaine Productions did a nice 'Planet Preschool' Post about Anima Mundi Anima Forum and Brazilian series creators at Kidscreen website. I talked with Melanie about my show with the folks from Flamma (my partners) and she took a picture of us!

Nice! Animamundi was Fun!