7 December 2008

Niemeyer and Hstern

A Tv clip done for a especial jewelry collection based on Oscar Niemeyer drawings. The spot is really simple and it's not everything I wanted, but its ok... The music is very fine tough :)

I did almost everything in terms of animation, planning etc... The drawings are based on originals from Niemeyer himself. The direction and some animation was done by 2DLab.


Lucas Gonzaga said...

Extremamente de bom gosto.

A beleza esta na simplicidade meu amigo.

Tudo de bom Diego!

Existencil said...
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Existencil said...

Fala Brother! É o Uno, da Globo. Ótimo trampo ein... Olha só:

É um blog coletivo que tenho com uns amigos. A Manu, designer, fez um post sobre seu trabalho lá.


Diego Stoliar said...

Valeu Uno!