17 December 2008

Merry Xmass Attack!

My friends Dale and Sylvie sent me a nice Xmas card this year, so I decide to make one for them too... I just didn't had the patience to print it out... I'm not a big fan of printing unfortunately :(
Anyway, MERRY XMAS MY FRIENDS, enjoy the card!

7 December 2008

Niemeyer and Hstern

A Tv clip done for a especial jewelry collection based on Oscar Niemeyer drawings. The spot is really simple and it's not everything I wanted, but its ok... The music is very fine tough :)

I did almost everything in terms of animation, planning etc... The drawings are based on originals from Niemeyer himself. The direction and some animation was done by 2DLab.

28 November 2008

AnimaTV Workshops

AnimaTV begins in december and I gonna be travelling to the south of Brazil to help creators to format their projects for it. 18 of them will receive one of the biggest grants ever conceived for animation in Brazil to produce series pilots... and 2 series will win a hole season. This will be the most important government kick in the butt that Brazilian animation had ever had, really, it's amazing!

Good luck for all the contestants... You can see the spot fot the grant done by me at another post here. I also did the logo for the project...

If you are Brazilian you can see the places where I gonna be doing the workshops:


Realização: Paraná Educativa
Local: Rádio e Televisão Educativa do Paraná
Endereço: Rua Julio Perneta,695 - Bairro Mercês
Período: 08/12 a 12/12
Turno: 14h00 às 18h30
Carga Horária: 20h30
Vagas: 30
Responsável pelas inscrições: Jeane Critinuk
Email para inscrições: jeanec@rtve.pr.gov.br
Período de inscrições para a Oficina: até 04/12 às 19h00

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Porto Alegre

Realização: TVE-RS
Apoiador: Santander Cultural
Local: Santander Cultural - Sala Oeste
Endereço: Rua Sete de Setembro, 1028 - Praça da Alfândega
Período: 01/12 a 05/12
Turno: 14h00 às 18h30
Carga Horária: 20h30
Vagas: 30
Responsável pelas inscrições: Vera Vergo
Email para inscrições: animatv@tve.com.br
Período de inscrições para a Oficina: até 27/11 às 19h00

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21 November 2008


Film done in 1 day with After Effects, Photoshop and research of open source material. Is a small experimental animation about the nonsense of politics and war.
Hope you enjoy it! Or not! Whatever ;)

Film done for a class of New Technologies at Estacio University - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

27 October 2008


TV spot for the AnimaTV grant! In this one I did everything, from script to finalization. Only the sound fx, voice and music was not made or directed by me!(no budget or time available) :(

16 October 2008

Globo Tv Spot

Freelance spot for Globo TV.
Total Development time:1 week. Language:portuguese. Subtitles:English.
I Directed the spot and had one more animator working with me.
Hope you liked!

21 September 2008

7 April 2008


That's another project that I'm working on right now. This one I gonna do alone and it is gonna be a very short film. I will try to begin production during july, if everything run smoothly until then...

The character was made in Flash and exported to Photoshop, as a png with alpha channel, were I did the background and effects. I always try to apply effects that I can easily emulate in After later.

This concept is just my first attempt into the style of the film. I liked the FX and textures. Not so much the composition, but that's just a test, so it's ok.

Taking a second look now I also didn't like the sound box, looks kind of over! Anyway.... it's enough.

3 April 2008


Hey, long time without a post.... You begin to feel that you need to post something when everybody begins to ask about it, or ask if you are very busy.... Well I'am super busy but also I have to take some time to draw now and then.

Quick Sketch with my new Cintiq :) Flash and Photoshop. 1:30Hrs to do it. Basically I did everything in Flash and just brought it to Photoshop to adjust some colours, put in the light and apply a little bit of blur and noise in everything.
The noise and blur is a "must use" when I'm doing something in Flash that I don't want to look like Flash. Of course it still looking like Flash but it also has a natural media felling in it...
I gonna try to do more quickies like that one from now on.

12 March 2008

Heal Emru

Hey everybody,
a very nice friend of mine needs help! He has Leukemia and he is looking for a matching donor for bone marrow transplant. You can learn how to help him and a lot of people in the same situation going to healemru.com

His best chance for a match comes from a donor who shares his ethnic background. He is the son of two African Carribean parents. But even if you think you are not a match for Emru, do your registry, is ease, and you can save the life of many other patients.