29 November 2007

More Neanderthals

More designs for the Neanderthal project!

All done in Flash with a Wacom tablet... No Cintiq in this one unfortunately! Total working time: 2 hours

28 November 2007

Flash Tool - Fast Tween

Assign tweens to layers automatically.

How it works:
F3: Switch between no tween, harmonic and constant tween.
F2: Assign ease in tween.
F4: Assign ease out tween.

You can Assign tweens to the selected layers or, if no layers are selected, to the unlocked layers.
All the tweens assign are custom curves.
Harmonic tweens are slower at the beginning and the end of the movement.


You NEED TO assign F2, F3 e F4 shortcuts to this one command to make it work properly.

You will need Adobe Extension Manager to install this tool.
If you already have it just Download the tool and double click it.

If you dig this tool and want to help me develop more like this one, feel free to DONATE!