20 October 2007

Ibi Obi Animation Test

That's a animation test I did some time ago for the Ibi Obi short project!
This is the already new design of the indian god and I had a background done in Flash that I gonna redo...so latter I will post a new version of this test.

Test For Didizinho Character

That's is a planing sketch for the next thing I gonna do at work! The final scene will be a mixture of cutout and traditional draw animation, all done in flash with a Cintiq.

Not sure if the final stuff will come out soon though cause that's a test scene for a new thing I'm developing with a friend their and some other (more urgent) work always get in the way of it!

Penguin Walkcycle

That's my last work at Globo. The hole cycle was animated, cleaned and coloured by me in 1 day! Including the shadow and the composition! Uff! It was good to get back to full animation after a week of cut out stuff and scripting tools for the gang!

I think it's kind of "wuble" but it has it's charm! There will be one or two more penguins doing random stuff and then we will put out a scene with lots os penguins walking around.

14 October 2007

Flash Designs

Designs done in Flash with a wacom tablet. All of them for film projects.