13 July 2007

Old stuff that I still like!

I gonna put some old stuff that I had in the deep bottom of my old Folio. I still think that's a good design. It was made for a short film about Santos Dumont that I was developing with a bunch of Friends.

Notice that his House is the real one. We've went into location and everything! It was a lot of Fun and I hope to do something like that some day again.

12 July 2007

Pipa Design

That's the design that I'm thinking for the film that I've talked before. This line quality has a kind of appealing to me. That character is a B.O.P Policeman (Special Force for Street War) that get into the favelas in Rio.

That's one of my first attempts but I think that something near to that could be in the final peace. I still in the very beginning of the project and the theme is a little bit of a cliché but I gonna try to fix that with a good story...still not sure about the ending but I want to give myself time to let it grow in my mind :)

11 July 2007

Pixar Workshop

Last week we finished the Pixar Workshop at Anima Mundi Festival. Mark Walsh (animation supervisor) talked about acting and character construction. Below you can see the hole gang! Who said that there are no animators in Brazil!?

I'm the only guy with a yellow T-shirt, up in the middle.

I heard that Mark will begin to teach at Animation Mentor soon. It seems like there is a lot of Brazilians students in their last class. Good luck guys! I'm starting my Maya learning curve myself...Lets see how this will end up!

10 July 2007

Pipa Concept

That's a concept art for a authoral film that I want to do one day. It's about a boy that lives in a Favela and he has a kite that can fly bla bla bla...

This project is about the danger that kids live every day in the Brazilian favelas. Is one of that things that you keep searching for the right ending and the best storytelling approach to do.

I already have some oher design for this project! Post it later.

This frame was all done in Flash.

Quick Sketchs in Montreal 2007

Those drawings where made in Montreal between march and may of 2007. I was there for the Hot House project and it was delightful to portrait such different people on the metro. Canadians are really good to draw, Brazillians move to much all the time :)

Drawings made in black pen.

In some of those I used a pink pen for the details.

Those are life drawings made in a life model session.

9 July 2007

Demo 2005

That´s my old Demo Reel. Fulfilled with flash and after effects stuff for television.
Music done by MaryFê.