26 July 2007

My First Solo 30 sec Author Film

My film (ONE) and the other 7 films from the directors of the Hot House - National Film Board program - are airing already!

The website is currently under construction but in the Animation Day (October 28th 2007) they will put a EMBED TAG available, so everyone can post the shorts in their blogs. Ehhhh....Free animation shorts soon!

And that's the project that I sent to NFB in the beginning of March 2007.
Note: The final peace is quite different form the project but that's was good. I think the final one have major improvements. Thanks to my nice friends from NFB that really supported my craziness.

Project: Basic Love
(Later renamed to ONE)

Artist Statement Outlining Idea:
The film begins with the Big Bang explosion. The unorganized mixture of cosmic matter blows energetically in abstract forms, strokes, colors and rhythm. In the bottom of the screen, a time counter shows how many “billions of years” remain to the end of the film (Starting with 13 billions). In a few seconds the mess begins to organize itself forming lots of stars and galaxies. Some planets and asteroids cross quickly before our eyes. Some stars get bigger and explode in millions of pieces. A big red planet approaches and we get close to its super hot surface that gradually becomes cooler and cooler until the atmosphere changes its color and water covers everything. We dive into the deeper and darker bottom of that ocean to finally find two microscopic basic elements that float lifelessly (The time counter decelerates and stops at 3 000 000 001 years).The elements touch themselves becoming one simple organism that begins to move. Suddenly, the counter jumps to 301 000 and the organism mutates into a man. He looks around and swims out of the screen.

Aesthetic Approach:
The film will have a “koyaanisqatsi'” cinematographic approach with a widescreen time-lapse camera capturing the cosmic dance in front of it. Time will accelerate (giving just enough information to let us feel what happens) and slow down (followed by the time counter speed) at some key moments to make everything clear and interesting to the viewer.
The visual style will change from abstract expressionism to mathematical minimalism as a metaphor for the natural order by what everything in the universe is bounded to, subliminally insinuating that life can only be possible in an organized environment. This also enables us to see the microscopic birth of life in a schematic and easier way.
The music style will be inspired on Phillip Glass’ minimalist vocal orchestra. The theme will change from a poetic and contemplative slow rhythm (at the Big Bang part) to a dramatic, fast-paced tempo, repetitive melody (at the birth of life) surprisingly emphasizing the slowest and smallest part of the movie. At the conclusion it abruptly closes with a strong and appealing silence (when men appear).

Story Intention:
The story suggests that the very birth of life was a 'chance encounter' by all means. It also illustrates how this microscopic phenomenon was fragile in the context of the macrocosmic transformations that was happening since the beginning of time. Consequently this statement brings an inevitable comparison between both moments suggesting that the viewers think about the place of mankind in the universe and about the meaning of their own life. It also creates some paradoxical questions in the subtext: Do the chances of life in the infinity grow or decrease? Is it improbable or inevitable?

Technical Notes:
I will try do develop the philosophy of use Flash as a painting canvas, emulating brush strokes of painters (like Pollock) or bringing strong visual styles and colors to the movie screen.
The slow motion parts of the film will be done with a mixture of full and digital cut out animation to bring a fluid and poetic quality to the movement.
The use of After Effects will bring some colors and texture fine-tunes, and will enable some fast lighting effects that are not Flash friendly.
The experience of this film will also be a great lab for my homemade Flash programmed tools and to test some new experimental techniques that I've been developing for this kind of “one man band” streamlined production.

Motivation behind this idea:
Talk about the secrets of the universe is one of majors themes that I want to work on as an artist.
I also want to do a film that step away from conventional rules of entertainment and fits between my art style and NFB production portfolio.


Guilherme said...

Fala Diego! Já tinha falado pessoalmente com vc porém gostaria de deixar registrado aqui. Parabéns pelo blog e pelas frentes de estudo e investigação na animação. O seu projeto no Canadá foi excelente! Eu que começo a me interessar por efeitos 2D já tenho o seu curta como referencia !!!

Diego Stoliar said...

Fala Guilherme, valew pelos comentários. Apesar de não ver meu filme como um filme de efeitos :)

O pessoal tem dito que ele tá fazendo sucesso nos festivais lá de Montreal, tomara que ele dure mais de 1 ano ;)