24 July 2007

Designs on 2DLab Studio

Here are some Flash styles that we did on 2DLab Studio for series for web and TV. That means that the animation and the style should work for web animation but also should have enough quality to go to TV.

The first one is for Tic Tac Trupe Show. It reflects the art of some Brazilian countryside artists.

This one is for a series pilot: Where did the night come from?
This wons 2 big prizes. The style reflects the Brazilian Indians art style. Very colourful hey!

I like this style very much. Based on the Australian aborigines art.

The 3 of them are all done in flash. They are also a little bit old already but stills good for me!
You can see those and other ones in the 2DLab website (english).

Enough of old stuff again... Next some new character design for Mojizu.

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