27 December 2007


This was for a especial program at Tv Globo that talked about lots of celebrations around the world. Click here if you wanna know more about Kwanzaa.

The picture was done in Photoshop with a Cintiq Tablet and has all elements distributed in layers for further composition in After Effects... The goal was to make something that looks like a paper theater. Working time: 7 hours.

26 December 2007

Marco Polo

Those are some character designs for a Flash film that should go to web and television. That means that it should be small enough to download and fast enough to play in a computer but also it must have some television quality in it! Lots of symbols were reused... All the characters in red suits and the two guys in the middle are the same guy (Marco Polo) ; the two guys in purple are his uncles. Total working time: 3 days.

29 November 2007

More Neanderthals

More designs for the Neanderthal project!

All done in Flash with a Wacom tablet... No Cintiq in this one unfortunately! Total working time: 2 hours

28 November 2007

Flash Tool - Fast Tween

Assign tweens to layers automatically.

How it works:
F3: Switch between no tween, harmonic and constant tween.
F2: Assign ease in tween.
F4: Assign ease out tween.

You can Assign tweens to the selected layers or, if no layers are selected, to the unlocked layers.
All the tweens assign are custom curves.
Harmonic tweens are slower at the beginning and the end of the movement.


You NEED TO assign F2, F3 e F4 shortcuts to this one command to make it work properly.

You will need Adobe Extension Manager to install this tool.
If you already have it just Download the tool and double click it.

If you dig this tool and want to help me develop more like this one, feel free to DONATE!

20 November 2007

Halloween Spot

This was made to be a transition between 2 sketchs. The blue screen represents what should be the sketch, before and after the spot...
Working time: 1 and a half days!

Concept Design

Concept Design to a film project that I'm developing with a couple of friends. More concepts of this project later! Made with Mirage!

12 November 2007

ONE (The Film)

Now you can see the film I did at National Film Board - HotHouse Program. My first author solo film!
Made with Flash and After Effects. Enjoy!

20 October 2007

Ibi Obi Animation Test

That's a animation test I did some time ago for the Ibi Obi short project!
This is the already new design of the indian god and I had a background done in Flash that I gonna redo...so latter I will post a new version of this test.

Test For Didizinho Character

That's is a planing sketch for the next thing I gonna do at work! The final scene will be a mixture of cutout and traditional draw animation, all done in flash with a Cintiq.

Not sure if the final stuff will come out soon though cause that's a test scene for a new thing I'm developing with a friend their and some other (more urgent) work always get in the way of it!

Penguin Walkcycle

That's my last work at Globo. The hole cycle was animated, cleaned and coloured by me in 1 day! Including the shadow and the composition! Uff! It was good to get back to full animation after a week of cut out stuff and scripting tools for the gang!

I think it's kind of "wuble" but it has it's charm! There will be one or two more penguins doing random stuff and then we will put out a scene with lots os penguins walking around.

14 October 2007

Flash Designs

Designs done in Flash with a wacom tablet. All of them for film projects.

11 October 2007

My Big Big Friend Wins!

My Big Big Friend wins Licensing Challeng at MIPCOM Jr 2007!

That is a Big Big news! And 2DLab studio will probably be the next Big Big Buzz in Brazil in the next couple of years!

I'm really proud of the work we developed their and now the banana tree is growing reeeaaally fast! We all knew that My Big Big Friend will be a hit from the beginning... Congratulations for all the guys that runs the studio (you hit the bull's eye this time) and for all the folks that plays in the backstage!

The short film that originate the series is now online. It was all made by Andrés Lieban, the head of the studio.

Some animation websites spotlighting the news:
Animation Magazine

Go Brazilian Animation! Go!

17 September 2007

Personal Style?

Fast sketchs done in Mirage software with a Cintiq Tablet. A totally digital and smooth process...I'm loving it! Cintiqs are great.

Those are part of a attempt to develop a personal drawing style. I'm getting into a point where I don't know what my own style is anymore... I'm kind of lost... kind of not shure that I should do everything in just one style etc.... That's a doubt that always strike me, I don't want to spend my hooole life doing the same stuff over and over againg!

30 August 2007

Working, working, working

Ok, now I'm pretty crazy! I'm working at Globo Visual Effects Department and living in Curicica, a neighbourhood near Barra da Tijuca in Rio. Veeeery far from my house. It's almost like another city! I'm just beginning but as soon as I have some work or studies that I can show here I will post it. Keep tuned!

For now I just have a freelance style for a commercial film. Enjoy :)

26 July 2007

My First Solo 30 sec Author Film

My film (ONE) and the other 7 films from the directors of the Hot House - National Film Board program - are airing already!

The website is currently under construction but in the Animation Day (October 28th 2007) they will put a EMBED TAG available, so everyone can post the shorts in their blogs. Ehhhh....Free animation shorts soon!

And that's the project that I sent to NFB in the beginning of March 2007.
Note: The final peace is quite different form the project but that's was good. I think the final one have major improvements. Thanks to my nice friends from NFB that really supported my craziness.

Project: Basic Love
(Later renamed to ONE)

Artist Statement Outlining Idea:
The film begins with the Big Bang explosion. The unorganized mixture of cosmic matter blows energetically in abstract forms, strokes, colors and rhythm. In the bottom of the screen, a time counter shows how many “billions of years” remain to the end of the film (Starting with 13 billions). In a few seconds the mess begins to organize itself forming lots of stars and galaxies. Some planets and asteroids cross quickly before our eyes. Some stars get bigger and explode in millions of pieces. A big red planet approaches and we get close to its super hot surface that gradually becomes cooler and cooler until the atmosphere changes its color and water covers everything. We dive into the deeper and darker bottom of that ocean to finally find two microscopic basic elements that float lifelessly (The time counter decelerates and stops at 3 000 000 001 years).The elements touch themselves becoming one simple organism that begins to move. Suddenly, the counter jumps to 301 000 and the organism mutates into a man. He looks around and swims out of the screen.

Aesthetic Approach:
The film will have a “koyaanisqatsi'” cinematographic approach with a widescreen time-lapse camera capturing the cosmic dance in front of it. Time will accelerate (giving just enough information to let us feel what happens) and slow down (followed by the time counter speed) at some key moments to make everything clear and interesting to the viewer.
The visual style will change from abstract expressionism to mathematical minimalism as a metaphor for the natural order by what everything in the universe is bounded to, subliminally insinuating that life can only be possible in an organized environment. This also enables us to see the microscopic birth of life in a schematic and easier way.
The music style will be inspired on Phillip Glass’ minimalist vocal orchestra. The theme will change from a poetic and contemplative slow rhythm (at the Big Bang part) to a dramatic, fast-paced tempo, repetitive melody (at the birth of life) surprisingly emphasizing the slowest and smallest part of the movie. At the conclusion it abruptly closes with a strong and appealing silence (when men appear).

Story Intention:
The story suggests that the very birth of life was a 'chance encounter' by all means. It also illustrates how this microscopic phenomenon was fragile in the context of the macrocosmic transformations that was happening since the beginning of time. Consequently this statement brings an inevitable comparison between both moments suggesting that the viewers think about the place of mankind in the universe and about the meaning of their own life. It also creates some paradoxical questions in the subtext: Do the chances of life in the infinity grow or decrease? Is it improbable or inevitable?

Technical Notes:
I will try do develop the philosophy of use Flash as a painting canvas, emulating brush strokes of painters (like Pollock) or bringing strong visual styles and colors to the movie screen.
The slow motion parts of the film will be done with a mixture of full and digital cut out animation to bring a fluid and poetic quality to the movement.
The use of After Effects will bring some colors and texture fine-tunes, and will enable some fast lighting effects that are not Flash friendly.
The experience of this film will also be a great lab for my homemade Flash programmed tools and to test some new experimental techniques that I've been developing for this kind of “one man band” streamlined production.

Motivation behind this idea:
Talk about the secrets of the universe is one of majors themes that I want to work on as an artist.
I also want to do a film that step away from conventional rules of entertainment and fits between my art style and NFB production portfolio.

25 July 2007


That's another Mojizu. I did it all in Photoshop, even the first draft of it.
His legs are made of those flat and thin gums and his head is a bubble to scare the contenders.
With his Sweet Fruit Juice Shot, Bubbleguy is lock and load to the MojiWar! let the match begin :)

24 July 2007

Designs on 2DLab Studio

Here are some Flash styles that we did on 2DLab Studio for series for web and TV. That means that the animation and the style should work for web animation but also should have enough quality to go to TV.

The first one is for Tic Tac Trupe Show. It reflects the art of some Brazilian countryside artists.

This one is for a series pilot: Where did the night come from?
This wons 2 big prizes. The style reflects the Brazilian Indians art style. Very colourful hey!

I like this style very much. Based on the Australian aborigines art.

The 3 of them are all done in flash. They are also a little bit old already but stills good for me!
You can see those and other ones in the 2DLab website (english).

Enough of old stuff again... Next some new character design for Mojizu.

21 July 2007

Ibi Obi

That's another project that I have. Is about the big belt Indians (Cinta Larga) and slavery in the Amazon forest. That's a kind of animal god that protects the aborigines! More about that project later....This is one of the earliest designs, it's already different but I still like this version.

19 July 2007

Space Lizard

Hey! That's another character for Tv Series. A spacial Lizard that fights in a big Lizard Robot! Not much until now but I like the style.

18 July 2007

Drug Dealer

That's another concept for one of the film projects I have. I know, it's kind of weird: A policeman, A drug Dealer, everybody laughing!? But it makes sense, I promess.

I used almost the same background to put the character in the film environment.

13 July 2007

Old stuff that I still like!

I gonna put some old stuff that I had in the deep bottom of my old Folio. I still think that's a good design. It was made for a short film about Santos Dumont that I was developing with a bunch of Friends.

Notice that his House is the real one. We've went into location and everything! It was a lot of Fun and I hope to do something like that some day again.

12 July 2007

Pipa Design

That's the design that I'm thinking for the film that I've talked before. This line quality has a kind of appealing to me. That character is a B.O.P Policeman (Special Force for Street War) that get into the favelas in Rio.

That's one of my first attempts but I think that something near to that could be in the final peace. I still in the very beginning of the project and the theme is a little bit of a cliché but I gonna try to fix that with a good story...still not sure about the ending but I want to give myself time to let it grow in my mind :)

11 July 2007

Pixar Workshop

Last week we finished the Pixar Workshop at Anima Mundi Festival. Mark Walsh (animation supervisor) talked about acting and character construction. Below you can see the hole gang! Who said that there are no animators in Brazil!?

I'm the only guy with a yellow T-shirt, up in the middle.

I heard that Mark will begin to teach at Animation Mentor soon. It seems like there is a lot of Brazilians students in their last class. Good luck guys! I'm starting my Maya learning curve myself...Lets see how this will end up!

10 July 2007

Pipa Concept

That's a concept art for a authoral film that I want to do one day. It's about a boy that lives in a Favela and he has a kite that can fly bla bla bla...

This project is about the danger that kids live every day in the Brazilian favelas. Is one of that things that you keep searching for the right ending and the best storytelling approach to do.

I already have some oher design for this project! Post it later.

This frame was all done in Flash.

Quick Sketchs in Montreal 2007

Those drawings where made in Montreal between march and may of 2007. I was there for the Hot House project and it was delightful to portrait such different people on the metro. Canadians are really good to draw, Brazillians move to much all the time :)

Drawings made in black pen.

In some of those I used a pink pen for the details.

Those are life drawings made in a life model session.

9 July 2007

Demo 2005

That´s my old Demo Reel. Fulfilled with flash and after effects stuff for television.
Music done by MaryFê.